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Maíra Padgurshi

Brazilian Platform on Biodiversity an Ecosystem Services (BPBES) - BRAZIL


I am a biologist with post graduation on Plant Biology (I have been working on ecology of tropical Forests with native bamboo) and since 2015 I have been working on Science-Policy interface. On my activities, I seek to transfer the scientific knowledge into actions to society, both by the academic studies that I develop and by the extracurricular activities that I practice. I am interested in biodiversity, ecosystem services modeling, sustainable use of biodiversity, human well being, environmental governance, plant ecology, and forest resources. I finished a postdoctoral on biodiversity and Ecosystem services and now I develop the activities as the executive secretary of the Brazilian Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services/BPBES. I am co-chair of a chapter, and contributing author, of the first Brazilian Assessment on
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for human well-being; I am a member of the Ecosystem Services Partnership/ESP, as well as the Young Ecosystem Services Specialists/YESS network.


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